Taha Abdul-Basser

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, Ustādh Taha bin Hasan Abdul-Basser started learning elementary Arabic and uṣūl al-dīn at 5 years of age, under his father, Hasan Abdul-Basser, who had reverted to Islam at the age of 16, on the advice of his mentor, al-Hajj Mālik (aka Malcolm X). While attending the Dalton School in New York City, Ustādh Taha returned to his personal study of Arabic with renewed vigor at
the age of 16 and began to engage more deeply with works that he came across in his father’s personal library–such as Maulana Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation of and commentary on the Qur’an and Maulana Abdul-Hamid Siddiqui’s learned translation of Sahīh Muslim. In 1992, he traveled to Cambridge, Massachusetts in order to attend Harvard College, where he studied Arabic formally with Professors Tahera Qutbuddin, William Granara, Asma Afsaruddin and Wolfhart Heinrichs and was encouraged by members of the Harvard Islamic Society, the Muslim student’s organization at the College, to pursue the Islamic sciences more deeply. Since then, he has benefited from several teachers (shuyūkh), including Shaykh Musa Madūrī of al-Azhar (Tanzania); the qaḍī and muftī, Shaykh Muḥammad al-Umrani (Sana`a), Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Ghunaym (Sana`a) and Shaykh Nizam Ya`qubī, from whom he has several licenses (ijāzāt). He serves as the Harvard Islamic Society Chaplain, was Lecturer in Arabic at Boston University (2006), is a former consultant on the Islamic financial ethics and law for the
Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program (HIFIP) and acts as a financial ethical consultant for several financial and commercial entities. He resides in Eastern Massachusetts with his wife, Monifa Matthew (Harvard College `98), and their three children.

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