Siraj Wahhaj

Siraj Wahhaj is imam of Al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, New York and the leader of The Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA). Siraj is an extremely prolific speaker in America. He makes many appearances at major North American Muslim conventions, and numerous forums and lectures in New England. His audio and video lectures are also popular in America’s Muslim community. He is known to encourage Muslims to be God-fearing, enjoining good and forbid evil, practice regular charity, stay away from drugs, abstain from pre-marital relations, and other issues as well. He has also appeared on several national television talk shows and has had interviews with several media outlets. In 1991 Siraj offered an invocation (opening prayer) to the United States House of Representatives. He was the first Muslim to do so. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright hosted Imam Siraj and other notable scholars for a Ramadan feast of lamb, lentils and saffron rice. He is one of the pioneers of the American Muslim convert community.

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