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Probably among the most debated topics at present concerns the relationship between religion and science. Until recently, a clear-cut distinction was often drawn between these two realms, with an increasing preference being given to science over religion while the prevailing ideology of modernism went along on its course. But now, as with many aspects of our life and civilization, ideological attitudes seem to be undergoing a reexamination in the light of the dramatic changes that have already happened or seem to impend, many of which are directly traceable to science and technology.

Of what importance and meaning do such facts have for Islam and Muslims today? How are we directly or indirectly affected by these ideological trends? How might we be negatively impacted by not understanding the reality within which we live and the changes that are happening in the world today? Are there ways we can insulate ourselves from the onslaught of negative hegemonic philosophies and how much have we as a historical community already been influenced by them? Dr Khalid Yahya Blankinship provides some fascinating insights with a unique Islamic perspective on these questions and more.

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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf of Zaytuna College said about Dr Blankinship:

“He is not only one of the best scholars in America today, but he is one the best in the world”

Dr.Khalid Yahya Blankinship is a tenured associate professor of religion at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA). He is American historian who specializes in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. The professor holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Washington, an MA in Islamic History from Cairo University, and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo. He is the author of several works including “The End of the Jihad State-The Reign of Hisham Ibn ‘Abd al Malik and the Collapse of the Umayads” published by SUNY Press and he is the translator of Volumes 11 and 25 of the “History of at-Tabari”, also published by SUNY Press.



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