“Islam and Race”- Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali


Islam and Race
Instructor: Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali
Format: 6 downloadable sessions

Course Description

“The Muslims are brothers. No one is superior to another except through God-consciousness.”
Reported by Tabarani

The issue of ‘race’ is a sensitive area that many people simply do not want to discuss. The above mentioned statement of the Prophet (saws) is often quickly cited to avoid the controversies that surround ‘race’ and its implications in Islamic discourse. In this course, race and racism will be tackled ‘head-on’. We will explore some of our common attitudes and perceptions about race and its impact on our Islamic belief and practice. What is the difference between race and racism? Is racism a term which only denotes what happens when “white” people discriminate against “black” people? Is race real or merely a social construct? What do classical Muslim scholars have to say about race? Are members of the Prophet’s family created with a nature distinct from other people? Is a person an apostate if he describes Prophet Muhammad (saws) as a black man?
These questions and much more will be explored and discussed in this very unique course.

See a sample from this course:

1.Lesson Overview

Session 1.Islam Between Racial Inequality & Egalitarianism
Session 2. Race, its Construction and Reality
Session 3. Arab Supremacy vis-à-vis White Supremacy
Session 4.The Negro & the Curse of Blackness
Session 5.On the Prophet Muhammad’s Complexion
Session 6.Blackness & the Maliki School


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