Is it ‘possible’ for Allah to have a Son?



One of the primary beliefs of Muslims is that Allah is All-Powerful. This often leads to some rather confusing questions about the reality of Allah’s power. Can Allah cease to exist? Can Allah have a son? Can Allah create another ‘god’? How are we as Muslims to answer such questions? Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali provides an explanation and a clear response.

Question: My question is, are the people who believe Allah can have a son but will never have one (or they believe He can create another god but he won’t actually do it) are these people still Muslims?

2. Is a person allowed to have either opinion and still be an actual Muslim? Either opinion meaning they believe Allah is able to do everything possible or believing he can do everything including creating another god, etc.

Shaykh Abdullah’s response:

Allah’s power pertains to things that are actual “possibilities” not “impossibilities.” The existence of another God, a son for God, or similar things are all impossibilities. While the creation of such things can be said to be impossible for God to do, out of adab with the Creator we say that His power pertains only to things that are possible. So when someone asks such questions, we do better to inform them that the questions/scenarios are illogical and unrealistic. Let them ask us a realistic question, and then we can venture to answer it. It’s like the question of can Allah destroy Himself? It is unreasonable, unrealistic, and impossible, since only what has been brought into existence can be taken out of existence. The same goes for having a son. Every son resembles his father or mother in the most essential way. The very fact that a son is born immediately makes it impossible for him to be attributed to Allah, since God is uncreated and the son would be created thereby negating any sound ascription or affinity between the two of them. The same is to be said of the idea of creating another God or one that is even more powerful than Himself. They are all incoherent propositions, so we don’t waste time entertaining their answers.
As for those who believe that such things are possible, they are not kuffar. They just need some good lessons in logic, and sound reasoning within the context of what is actually possible, impossible, and necessary. Likewise, those who say that such things are impossible for Allah. They are not kuffar, but they do speak with an inappropriate amount of adab with Allah. Allah’s power does not pertain to things that are impossible, only those that are possible. That’s the better way to answer these questions.

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  1. Assalaamu’alaikum, Is there a typo in this sentence: “While the creation of such things can be said to be impossible for God to do, out of adab with the Creator we say that His power pertains only toc things that are possible.” ?

    Should it read: “While the creation of such things can _NOT_ be said to be impossible for God to do…” ?


  2. As Salaamu Alaikum, Thank you Shaikh for the response. And if I may add, that such logical endeavors for laymen are very dangerous. None of these issues are upon us, neither will we be questioned about them. So, as the Shaikh mentioned, its just best to avoid them. And for those that must deal with them for clarification, then please do so with the best Adab and sound reason, so as to avoid causing danger to yourself and confusion upon the people. If I may offer one example, if people insist on asking about these aspects of creed but fail to undersatnd, than may this help. Ask them, and this applies to Christians and the like also, ask them, is it possible for ALLAH to be ignorant, or blind, or deaf or weak and the like, and any sound minded believer in ALLAH, irrespective of what belief or religion they ascribe to would say no, ALLAH could never be like such. It would in fact remove the idea of Him being God. Such is the case for the other questions. When Muslims declare that there are things impossible for ALLAH, then that is relation to the fact that because of His (SWt) exaltation, majesty and might, such imperferctions are impossible to fall upon Him, thus we say they are impossible for Him. Not out of a lack thereof, but rather because He (SWT) does not lack anything. And with ALLAH is the refuge. May ALLAH protect us all.

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