Retaining the Prophetic Heritage: Introduction to the Science of Hadith-Shaykh Abdullah Ali


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Instructor: Dr.Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

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The Lamppost Education Initiative is once again pleased to offer our “Introduction to Hadith Science” Course. This online course is a highly nuanced study of history, evolution, crystallization and nomenclature of the science of hadith. Based on the traditional poem, “Al-Manzuma Al-Bayquniya “, Shaykh Abdullah provides detailed explanations of how our scholars preserved the words of the Prophet (saws).
Some of the learning objectives in this course for the student are:
To learn the definition of a hadith and its subdivisions
To acquire insight into the criteria for hadith authentication
To learn and understand the nomenclature of scholarly hadith criticism
To learn the different strengths and usages of hadith
To learn the difference between the Sunni and Shiite criteria for hadith authentication
To learn inter-madhhab criteria for hadith authentication and usage
and much more..

Sample from “Introduction to the Science of Hadith”

Course Description
Lesson 1: Introduction Session
Lesson 2: Hadith, Sunnna, History, Compilation & Canons
Lesson 3: Hadith Divisions according to strength, traditionaries, connectivity, and number of transmitters
Lesson 4: Lesson 4: Usage of weak hadiths and forms of weakness
Lesson 5: Shiite hadith standards and Orientalist contentions
Lesson 6: Question & Answer Session

Course Materials
1. Arabic text: Al-Manzhumah al-Baiquni (Translatation by Shaykh Abdullah Ali)
2. Mp3-audio and accompanying pdf files.


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