A Warning Against Ideological Fanaticism


A Warning Against Ideological Fanaticism: Shaykh Salih b. Mahdi al-Muqbili & Shaykh Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi
Translated by Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali

Shaykh Salih b. Mahdi al-Muqbili, a Yemeni scholar who died in the year 1108 AH/1696 CE, says in his work, Al-‘Ilm Al-Shamikh fi Tafdil al-Haqq ‘ala al-Aba’ wa al-Mashayikh (The Towering Knowledge Concerning the Superiority of the Truth Over One’s Forefathers and Shaykhs),

“One should know that disagreement, fanaticism, and partisanship are the factors which have led to some Muslims taking up arms against others; removing the sanctity of their blood, wealth, and honor; and distorting the Book and the Sunna to the point of making them [the Book and Sunna]as if they no longer exist via the closure of the door to ijtihad…Then the consequence of the sectarian split was that everyone placed the main source of schism (between them and others) before all else. And each of them took pride in the various governors (muluk) who inclined toward them against their opponents.”

After mentioning these words of Al-Muqbili, the Syrian scholar, Shaykh Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi (1866-1914) said the following,

“As a whole, among the greatest flaws of fanaticism are the division and reciprocal enmity that result from it; such that the successor inherits it from the predecessor to the point that one who is close to another begins to hate his relative whenever he finds him opposing his view. He then attaches to him every disparaging accusation even if he [the accused]establishes numerous proofs of the correctness of his opinion. Rather, the disdain of some for others has reached the point of inciting rage against those who oppose them and awaiting every opportunity to detract from their character. This is evident when the accused commits an error or slips–while none are infallible saves those God has protected from error, his opponent lifts up his wounded prey with severe censure. He fills the earth and sky with shouts to make the case of his opponent well-known without a care for what the sacred law (shar’) has forbade regarding the incitement of hatred and grudges, and against what breaks the grip of fraternity. But there is no blame on the politically shrewd (dahma’) who pursues such a policy of promulgation since they are engulfed by the oceans of ignorance.

Rather, only the intellectual leaders are to be blamed for pursuing such a policy and adopting such an approach, since had it not been for the clamor of this faction (of intellectuals) and their dissemination of these [offensive]titles (alqab) into (peoples’) hearts, the Umma in its parts would be clinging together, strong in the grip of love between its members.”

Tarikh al-Jahmiya wa al-Mu’tazila, pp. 96-97

translated by Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali


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  1. jawad saeed on

    May Allah (swt) join our deobandi and brelwi brothers with love and accept each others differences with Mercy. Ameen. Masha Allah very nice article.

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